Unlocking Empathy Through Conversation

The era of big data, social media and Cambridge Analytica has removed human beings from research. In its hunger for efficiency, technology has erased the people behind the metrics.

While today's research tech delivers more consumer data, Sympler delivers richer, more colorful and more emotional insights.

Sympler helps organizations empathize with their communities by stimulating deeper conversation.

Not only do we chat in the private, intimate spaces of chat messaging, where respondents are at their most honest & expressive, but we also leverage chat bots & projective techniques to probe, provoke & play our way into the most unexpected insights. By pairing the best empathy techniques from the social sciences with the efficiency of cutting-edge technology, we deliver genuinely emotional truths faster.

The Empathy Method

Step 1 Create study objectives

Step 2 Contact community

Step 3 Define chat topics

Step 4 Select chat platforms

Step 5 Chat expressively

Step 6 Find the meaning!

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